Moomee Pump

What makes Moomee different to other wearable pumps?

Moomee Pump is one of the lightest and most compact pumps on the market. Its mini size means that the pump can fit perfectly into your bra, making it so discreet that no one would even know you’re pumping! Our pump also features hospital-strength suction of maxmium 285mmGh.

How many modes and intensity levels does Moomee have?

Moomee Pump has 4 different pumping modes, as well as 9 intensity settings so you can find the level that is most comfortable and efficient for you.

What comes in the box with the electric breast pump? Do I need to buy anything else?

1 Moomee pump motor
1 Pump Body/ 28mm Shield
1 Tritan Bottle(120ml, BPA free)
2 Flange inserts(sizes 21mm, 24mm)
1 Bottle Cap
2 Diaphragm
2 Valve
1 Bottle Sealing Ring
1 USB Charging Cable
1 Wireless Smart Remote
User manual

*Additional parts included: Diaphragm, Valve

How long does the battery last?

Moomee Pump provides approx. 2 hours of on the go pumping depending on suction level used. That’s around 8 pumping sessions before needing to charge!

Do I need a special bra to use Moomee?

Moomee pump is designed to be worn with any standard nursing bra, and just needs to be firmly pressed against your breast to ensure proper suction.

Does Moomee work with all breast sizes?

Yes Mama! Moomee Pump was designed to work all breast sizes including G and H bra cups.

I’m an exclusive pumper, do I need to replace parts?

Like most pumps, for optimal results we reccomend replacing all silicone parts every 3 months. If you're an exclusive pumper(pumping 4+ times per day), you may need to replace monthly.

Does Moomee have a warranty?

Yes! Moomee pump is covered under a 12-month warranty from
the purchase date. Read more about it here